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Marlboro Ice Blast Cigarettes

Marlboro Ice Blast

Marlboro Ice Blast is a unique kind of menthol cigarettes providing an icy cold taste sensation. They contain a menthol capsule inside the filter called ICE-BALL that can be cracked open by the smoker at the desired moment. Smoking them without the ball crushed they tasted just like Marlboro Menthol Light, but after crushing the ICE-BALL, the taste is like smoking ice-mint gum, it's great.

King Size Box
Tar 8 mg, Nicotine 0.6 mg

Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 200 cigarettes

Quantity Our Price Price per carton Order
3 Cartons $ 183.00 $ 61.00 SOLD OUT
4 Cartons $ 244.00 $ 61.00 SOLD OUT
6 Cartons $ 360.00 $ 60.00 SOLD OUT
9 Cartons $ 531.00 $ 59.00 SOLD OUT
12 Cartons $ 696.00 $ 58.00 SOLD OUT

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