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Nat Sherman MCD Luxury Cigarettes

Nat Sherman MCD Luxury

Made in USA
Nat Sherman MCD Luxury cigarette is considered one of the most popular cigarettes in Sherman’s line which provide exclusive smoking. For more than 40 years MCD’s have been an outstanding example of high quality and essence of unique tobacco product. Nat Sherman MCD Luxury come in an elegant box which has made them famous along with their natural ingredients and flavor.

Hard Pack

Each carton contains 5 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 100 cigarettes

Quantity Our Price Price per carton Order
3 Cartons $ 93.00 $ 31.00 SOLD OUT
4 Cartons $ 124.00 $ 31.00 SOLD OUT
6 Cartons $ 180.00 $ 30.00 SOLD OUT
9 Cartons $ 261.00 $ 29.00 SOLD OUT
12 Cartons $ 336.00 $ 28.00 SOLD OUT

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